Penis Enlargment By Fat Injections

Overview of the surgery: 

Penis Enlargement by Fat is a mini-invasive surgery procedure used by the injecting autologous fat to enlarge the penis.  This is actually the only way to painlessly and very gently increase the penis size, specifically the thickness. 

Transfer procedure using graft, fat, or other tissue parts of your body to your penis. 
Tissue or body fat is used for your penis because it reacts well to fat / tissue and in many cases will not reject it. 

The final result of the penis enlargement surgery should produce natural penis with the long form, but feel freer during intercourse appears wider when flaccid and erect. It depends on how large you want your penis to be. 

During the surgery:  

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. After liposuction and purification of the fat, it is added to the periphery of the penis and thus enlarged. The procedure is not painful and lasts two hours. 

After the surgery:  

The recommended recovery after liposuction is not more than three days, but sexual abstinence is recommended for 14 days. 


After the procedure:  

  • The surgery will increase width and length of your penis 
  • Long-term boosted self-esteem 
  • More masculine look and feel 
  • Increased attractivity 
  • Enhanced sexual potency