Pectoral Etching Thailand- Technique 1.2

Pectoral etching is a plastic surgery procedure that uses liposuction to reshape excess breast tissue to give men a firmer and more toned-looking chest.  

Some men, having well-defined pectoral muscles is a goal that sometimes cannot be achieved even after spending hours in the gym. Their desire to have additional shape and definition often leads them into the hands of a plastic surgeon. We help men gain confidence through pectoral etching surgery. Similar to abdominal etching, it uses liposuction to remove excess tissue from the breasts, but leaves a modest pad of fat to contrast the existing muscle. The best candidates for pectoral etching are men who cannot achieve their desired chest size with diet and exercise alone, or those who have a sagging chest or deflated chest from advanced aging. 

Preparation Prior To Surgery: 

• Medical history assessment (anon-prescribed), physical examination, and laboratory tests will be performed during consultation. 

• Avoid smoking for about 3-4 weeks prior to surgery, as nicotine interferes with circulation and will greatly affect healing process. 

• Stop drinking alcohol, a week before the surgery and throughout your recovery period. 

• Taking any medications should be avoided such as hormones, anticoagulants, anabolic steroids and supplements at least 4-6 weeks to prevent complicating medical factors prior to surgery, and also avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding. 

Operation Time: 

The procedure usually takes 1-2 hours. 

During the procedure: 

The surgeon uses a small, tube-like device, called a cannula, to remove excess fat, and create a more visible definition of the pectoral muscles.  

Type of Anesthesia use: 

The surgery is done under general anesthesia 

Hospital/clinic stay: 

If under General anesthesia need to stay in the hospital for 1 night 

Days to stay in Thailand: 

7-14 days. 

Risks and Complications: 

Abdominal etching is considered a low-risk cosmetic procedure. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a risk of complications and side effects. 

Common side effects after a liposuction procedure like abdominal etching include: 

  • nerve and blood vessel damage 
  • skin discoloration 
  • bumpy skin or irregular healing 
  • swelling 
  • fluid accumulation 
  • anesthesia bruising or headaches 

Recovery Period:  

Following the surgery, patients are required to wear a compression garment for 2 week to reduce bruising and swelling. Most patients return to work within 1 week of surgery. Routine exercise should be avoided for several weeks until the bruising and swelling has subsided.