Male Breast Reduction

Overview of the surgery: 

Male breast reduction is a type of plastic surgery done for men with gynecomastia, a condition of male breast overdevelopment. The procedure removes fat and/or glandular tissue from the breasts and in extreme cases removes excess skin, resulting in a chest that is flatter, firmer, and better 

contoured. The surgery often involves liposuction as well as some component of direct breast excision done through a semicircular incision around the areola. In cases of skin excess, additional incisions will need to be made for skin removal. 

Male Breast Reduction with Tissue Excision: 

More severe cases of gynecomastia may require surgical tissue excision to achieve optimal results. Additionally, patients who

 have stretched, sagging skin around the breasts will usually require this approach. Tissue excisions allows a cosmetic surgeon

 to remove a greater amount of glandular tissue and/or skin that cannot be successfully treated with liposuction alone. 

The location and length of the incisions depends on the extent of surgery needed, but are typically located around the edge 

of the areola (peri-areolar incision) or within the natural creases of the chest. A trained, qualified cosmetic surgeon will take care to place incisions so that the resulting scars are as inconspicuous as possible. 

Male breast reduction with tissue excision is typically performed as an outpatient procedure using general anesthesia or

 local anesthesia with sedation. The recovery process is similar to that for liposuction; however, it is common for patients

 to experience soreness and some swelling. Typically, patients feel ready to return to work within 1 week of surgery, 

and a gradual return to exercise is usually permitted after the first couple of weeks. 

Male Breast Reduction by Liposuction: 

In most cases, the best approach for male breast reduction is liposuction However, “In some cases, especially in older men, it is not necessary to remove any breast tissue because the gynecomastia is due primarily

 to fat, so our surgeon perform liposuction only. 

Preparation Prior To Surgery: 

 Medical history assessment (any allergies, serious medical condition and all 

medications taken both prescribed and non-prescribed), physical 

examination, and laboratory tests will be performed during consultation. 

 Avoid smoking   for about 3-4 weeks prior to surgery, as nicotine interferes 

with circulation and will greatly affect healing process. 

 Stop drinking alcohol, a week before the surgery and throughout your 

recovery period.  

 Taking any medications should be avoided such as hormones, anticoagulants, 

anabolic steroids and supplements at least 4-6 weeks to prevent complicating 

medical factors prior to surgery, and also avoid taking aspirin, anti- 

inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding. 

Operation Time: 

Male breast reduction takes about 2-4 hours. 

Type of Anesthesia use: 

The procedure is done under local plus sedation or general anesthesia 

Hospital/clinic stay: 

1 night 

Days to stay in Thailand: 

7 days 

Risks and Complications: 

Infection, fluid accumulations, injury to the skin, rippling or bagginess of skin, and asymmetry. 

Pigment changes (possibly permanent if exposed to the sun). Excessive scarring if tissue was cut away, 

and need for a following procedure to remove addition tissue. 

Post-Operative Care: 

Patients are placed in a compression vest following surgery to minimize 

fluid accumulation and facilitate skin retraction. This must be worn for 

several weeks. There will be some bruising which will disappear over 1-2